Safety Doesn't Happen By Accident.  

At Fortunato Construction, safety is at the heart of every project we undertake.  Our team of construction professionals is led by our safety officer, who manages a formal safety program for all field and office personnel, and all of our subcontractors.  We are frequently reviewing regulatory requirements, and inspections are conducted weekly to immediately address any concerns.

All field and office personnel have been issued a Safety program Manual/Injury and Illness Prevention Program.  It is our policy to provide a healthy and safe work place for our employees and project personnel.  We make every effort to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers, or damage property and equipment.  

Our safety procedures include:

  • Orientation and sign-off by every subcontractor on site to confirm adherence to site safety regulations
  • Weekly superintendent-led subcontractor job site safety meetings
  • Regular safety inspections by Fortunato Construction Group's Safety Officer to ensure all regulations are met
  • 24-hour emergency contact names and phone numbers of management personnel
  • On site safety kits including hard hats, safety glasses, and hi-visibility vests for clients, visitors, and other guests on site

Fortunato Construction Group is proud of our safety culture, and our long history of safe construction practices.  

For more information regarding our safety culture and procedures, please contact us